Our History

Vincenzo Selvatici began building animal-drawn ploughs in 1915 when tractors had not yet been invented.
Later, after the Second World War and until the early '90s, his sons Cecchino and Peppino Selvatici were dealers of tractors and agricultural equipment for the entire province of Bologna.
At the end of the 60's, instead, Franco Selvatici, Cecchino's son, started to build the first spading machines and post hole diggers that he brought to the exhibition at the Verona fair in 1970. Selvatici srl has won 5 EIMA technical innovations over the years and is the holder of numerous patents.
In 2014 the engineer Lorenzo Selvatici, son of Franco and Roberta Nanni still present in the company, became president of Selvatici srl continuing the development of new agricultural equipment.
This family tradition has developed the experience and technology related to the problems of working the soil at maximum depth. 
This has led to continuous contact with customers in order to meet new needs as they arise. 
Particular care is given to after-sales service so that spare parts are also available for machines built decades ago and this is essential for those who work.




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