The company Selvatici Franco, active in the manufacture of agricultural machinery for tillage and plant care for over 40 years , based in San Lazzaro (BO ) changes in corporate form from becoming 1/14/2014 from a sole proprietorship to Selvatici srl .

On the occasion of this change is implemented also an important generational shift as chairman of the board of directors has become Eng. Selvatici Lorenzo , 34, son of the company founder Franco , and for 10 years constantly present to the entrepreneurial life .

This step aims to give continuity to the good relations always occurred with the main stakeholders of the company and the willingness of the company is still in keeping up with the spirit that has always animated to produce equipment that is robust, reliable , quality and rigorously "Made in Italy " to a different market from the mass .

The company also makes public the preliminary results for the year 2013 has seen a significant increase in the general sales + 16 % (all data refer to 2012), divided as follows: Italy + 10 %, + 36 % European Community , countries extra EC + 13%. Also for the first time in its long history, the export turnover of the company exceeds the italian market  a connotation increasingly international in Selvatici which currently exports to over 40 different countries.

Selvatici Srl
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