Eco-Nurse - ECO-NURSE

"ECO-NURSE" injects fluids (e.g. irrigation water, cold water sterilisation, VAPAM® for chemical sterilisation, fungicides, liquid fertilisers etc.) directly into the soil up to a depth of 40 cm.

The fluid is injected through needles with three or more holes at the end, which go into and out of the soil as "ECO-NURSE" moves along.
These needles are powered upstream by mechanical valves which are fitted with ports which allow the fluid to pass through only when the needles are driven into the soil.
The valves on the other hand are all fed by the same pipe which is kept at a constant, adjustable pressure.
The fluid is fed into the pipe dirctly from the feeder system by means of two taps.


One possible field of application for "ECO-NURSE" is that of horticulture: the extensive exploitation of the soil leads to the growth of many harmful plants and weeds which need to be eradicated, an operation which requires the use of heat or chemical substances which are injected directly into the soil.
Unlike other machines which are used for the above purpose, "ECO-NURSE" was designated to distribute not only heat but also any chemical products necessary, thus making this machine unique rather than original, and also very versatile.
This machine may find a further use in the irrigation of lawns or green areas, no longer on the surface but directly underground, which means that the grass can be used immediatly following treatment without having to wait until the water has been absorbed by the soil, which in this way remains dry on the surface.
This apparatus could also be used as a standard aerator for lawn surfaces in addition to the above-described treatments.


The most commonly used machines today for the soil disinfection do not reach a sufficient depth and do not distribute product in a very uniform manner.
The costs involved for the user, both in terms of time employed and the quantity of the fuel needed to power the machines which are not fitted with direct injection devices are subsequently higher.
Machines are available which make holes and release product simultaneously, however these have the disadvantage of dispersing a lot of product into the atmosphere, above all when volatile materials are used such as steam or chemical products, which also means that optimal penetration of the product into the soil is not reached.
"ECO-NURSE" on the other hand reaches these and also other objectives, as the fluid is distrubited in a dot-like fashion and concentrated in a small area by means of needle-shaped tools with small holes which distribute the fluid in the soil only when the tool is already partially below the ground surface, thus preventing product wastage and any harmful leakages of chemical substances.
"ECO-NURSE" also offers the advantage of constant and uniform product distribution and no interruptions in the application of the fluid (regardless of the type), thus considerably reducing the waste of energy.
In addition to its evident versatility of use, this apparatus is clearly environmentally-friendly as heat or any chemical products are never given off directly into the atmosphere but always in the soil itself, thus solving all problems linked to the protection of the operator and to the prevention of the emission of gases/toxic liquids into the atmosphere.


Example of untreated row: 


Example of row treated with ECO-NURSE:

Example of untreated courgette seedling:


Example of a courgette seedling treated with ECO-NURSE:



Mod cm     N. portautensili N. punte    N. spray  
1504 155 4 14 28
2106 215 6 20 40
2708 275 8 26 52
3310 335 10 32 64


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