Rear Scrapers & Levellers

The rear scrapers are probably one of the most popular agricultural tools because they are used to: level roads and land, clear snow, level squares, clean stables and ditches, etc.. Since the tractors were equipped with lifting, the company Selvatici began to build rear scrapers that, despite being simple tools, have been equipped with important precautions for a more versatile use.
Only in the Selvatici rear scrapers you will find the joints with 30 different positions with frontal couplings (first made as early as 1969) and the knives that can be used on both sides.
Accessories are available for ploughing, grubbing up, remove the stones and levelling at adjustable distances. The available ranges are from 1 to 4 meters/39-138 inc and the features can be included in the series designation, for example Series 45.1 (blade height 45 cm/17inc., 1 joint), Series 75.4 (blade height 75 cm/30 inc., 4 joints).
The levelling of the soil is an increasingly practiced agricultural work because, eliminating the depressions, it favors the uniform growth of the product and avoids the very harmful stagnation of water. This is an indispensable operation in rice fields. By coupling a Selvatici leveller to a laser system, perfect levelling can be obtained, while on slopes the exact determination of the slope angle is also possible.
In addition, the Selvatici levellers can be used in racetracks, in sports areas, in building and road preparation, etc.. with flexibility of use and economy of operation, when compared to tracked loaders.
Selvatici levellers are available from 2.5 and 6 meters width for tractors of from 60 to 250 HP 44-183 KW. They are provided with twin wheet carriages with jointed bearings, foldaway
extensions for highway transport, adjustable blade angle, provisions for installation of the laser equipment, etc.




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