Rotoripper - the rotary subsoiler



In collaboration with the historic company Bertoni srl, the ROTORIPPER was developed.
This is an implement mounted on the third point of the tractor, driven by a Pto, which consists of a certain number of anchors in the end of which are bolted special non-commercial knives with a specific angle that favour their entry into the soil.
The special feature of the machine is that these anchors are not fixed as in traditional subsoilers, but are driven by a crankshaft system that gives the final tool a movement so that the soil is broken up much more finely than with a traditional ripper.
The machine works at a depth that can be adjusted by means of level wheels, which can normally vary between 15 cm and 40 cm. All joints are on the latest generation of self-lubricating bearings, making maintenance extremely easy and reduced to just checking the oil level in the gearbox.
Compared to all other PTO-driven implements, which are hardly suitable for deep soil cultivation in stony or particularly compact soils, our rotary subsoiler has this special feature.
By distributing the tractor's power between towing and handling, it requires less Hp than current systems and therefore significantly reduces the operating costs for the end user, reduces fuel consumption and consequently polluting gas emissions.


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